Become great at LinkedIn

Start getting more and bigger wins

Getting results you want with LinkedIn is not about Subscribing to LinkedIn Premium. Infact, in most of cases it waste money.

In 2-hour online class, we will teach you framework, tools & features, and mindset to become LinkedIn Power User - and Land bigger global Opportunities!

Date & Time: Fri 28 June, 7-9 PM

Saudi Arabia Standard Time
(4-6 PM UTC)

Go from standing still to standing out

Personal Branding on LinkedIn, is the hottest topic on Internet because, when done right, it WORKS. Professionals of all levels, and all industries, are getting better Opportunities.

90% plus business professionals are struggling to use LinkedIn effectively, because they fail to understand how fundamentally different LinkedIn is from traditional Social Media and outbound B2B sales and marketing. Their shortcuts and missteps waste time and money, then they write LinkedIn off as another fad while their top performing competitors leave them in their dust.

Personal Branding will determine if you sink or swim

There have never been more brands (and more noise) than today. Why should anyone pick you? Competing on skills, experience, services, or pricing, might have worked until now — if you’re lucky. But not for long. The era of influencer & Personal Brand, differentiation on its way out. And prospects are desperate for someone, anyone, to stand out and make their decision easier. 

Learn the strategies, framework, metrics, and wisdom you need to become great at Linkedin and accelerate the growth of your company and of your career!

Why LinkedIn for Personal Branding?

Here are Some stats:
  • 80% of all B2B social leads come from LinkedIn
  • 46% of social media traffic to company websites come from LinkedIn
  • 64% of all social media visits to corporate websites come from LinkedIn
  • 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with other companies on the platform
  • 50% of LinkedIn members say they are more likely to buy from companies they engage with on Linkedin

    (*source: Hubspot & LinkedIn)

Unique Content You won't find anywhere where else

Internet is full of superfical level content about LinkedIn. More and more junk information is popping up on Youtube and places everyday. The best way to learn is from practitioners who've been using it effectvely this for years.

Here is your Opportunity to learn LinkedIn from coach Endorsed by Account Director LinkedIn: Hammad Siddiqui

What exactly you will learn:


Getting Started

Profile Optimization

  • Discover what success on LinkedIn looks like & Essentials to build solid foundation.
  • Learn DOs & DON'Ts on LinkedIn & Power of LinkedIn features


Setting Goals

Crafting Strategy

  • Learn how to develop effective strategy to setup your LinkedIn game with actionable steps and tangible results.
  • Learn to write enaging content, build meaningful relationship, and find commertial opportunties.


Building meaningful conections

Targeted Networking

  • Learn to use LinkedIn networking tools effectively and find meaningful people.
  • Learn the art of corporate networking and build 1 on 1 relationship with meaningful people


Showcasing Expertise

Content Creation

  • Crack the art of developing viral content in no time.
  • Learn to define your niche, listen to their issues and convert that into content with great copywriting learnings.


The Magic formula

3C Strategy

  •  Learn the framework to create targeted content, DO Powerful Commenting & Building meaningful connections that open door to endless opportunities,

Masterclass outcomes:

  • Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.
  • Discover how to find meaningful people and build 1-1 relationship
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Learn to create engaging posts and articles to boost your visibility.

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Who is the Masterclass for?

You're a good fit for this Masteclass if:

✅ You understand that this class is a resource, and you're committed to leveraging it effectively.

✅ You're open to reassessing and refining your current LinkedIn strategies.

✅ You recognize that consistent effort and patience are essential for achieving significant results on LinkedIn.

✅ You acknowledge that success on LinkedIn isn't a one-size-fits-all formula; it requires tailored approaches and continuous learning.

✅ You're proactive and refuse to let excuses hinder your progress.

✅ You're willing to seek assistance when facing challenges or roadblocks.

You're not a good fit for this Masterclass if:

❌ You believe that success will be achieved just by attending a this class

❌ You're unwilling to engage in the less glamorous aspects of managing a professional presence on LinkedIn.

❌ You expect the Masterclass to dictate every action you should take on LinkedIn without any independent thought or initiative.

❌ Prioritizing superficial aspects like choosing the right social media scheduling tool overshadows the fundamental question of how to create valuable content that resonates with your audience.

❌ You anticipate the Masterclass to serve as a technical manual just focused on navigating LinkedIn's features and tools.