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Mark Bentcover

Senior Program Director

He cares about his fellow humans. He is one of the first people to offer a helping hand when one of us asks (or even if it is just evident we are struggling). He knows stuff (be it information on how to netowrk on LinkedIn, people, how to make strong connections, writing, etc.). He is Persistent and Consistent. I would say these four things are very important for being a coach

Megan Tuano

Sr. Business Analyst

Hammad is an invaluable source of information that has helped jumpstart my personal branding and youtube career to help break me into the ecosystem by finding my 'Why'. As a mentor for many but LinkedIn Coach not only did take the time to listen, and help guide me but he also shared a ton of tips on how to stand out and grow in the system to grow my community. Hammad is actively invested in the success of all he works with and his positive energy is infectious. If you’re looking for someone to help you on your journey, look no further!

Ameya Pai Angle

Scrum Master

He is an expert coach. His deep understanding of the significance of LinkedIn in today's world truly amazes me. Hammad's dedication to enhancing the LinkedIn performance of his students is unparalleled, as he provides continuous guidance throughout the course. By the end of the program, we witnessed tangible improvements in our LinkedIn profiles. I highly recommend his courses, specially for individuals who are new immigrants in Canada or to those seeking job opportunities.

Surendra Tadikamalla

Chief Financial Officer

It was a genuinely transformative experience. He is a brilliant coach and speaker who gave me priceless advice on how to use LinkedIn for networking, developing a personal brand, and developing my professional career. I strongly recommend anyone wishing to improve their abilities and knowledge on the LinkedIn platform to use Mr. Hammad Siddiqui's services.

Neha Sharma

People Development Associate

Hammad is an exceptional LinkedIn coach, and his expertise in leveraging LinkedIn for personal branding and career development is truly impressive. His genuine passion for helping others succeed ensures effective coaching and wonderful outcomes. He emphasizes authentic storytelling and building meaningful connections. With his energy and excitement, Hammad is an amazing mentor you need to navigate LinkedIn successfully.

Shahid Gorewal

Senior Operations Lead

Hammad provided comprehensive guidance on leveraging LinkedIn as a search engine and expanding one's network. Their expertise is invaluable, and I'm grateful for the knowledge gained.

Sonya Rehman


He goes above and beyond his role as a coach and has an inherent love for seeing people succeed and break out of their comfort zones. Our team at Machinelab Ventures gained so much from our discussions with Hammad Sb - he has a heart of gold and I look forward to enrolling in another one of his workshops again soon!

Zia ur Rehman Danish

Cheif Creative Officer

If you are looking for a great LinkedIn Coach, I recommend one and only Hammad Siddiqui. He is a great coach and mentor, his method is amazing, unbelievable strategies to grow on LinkedIn, a true GURU. He LinkedIn course has not only enhanced my business but also my personal brand on LinkedIn. I recommend his training program for everyone who wants to attract global clients.

Noor Aftab

Senior Program Manager

Hammad is a passionate leader who specializes in entrepreneurship, career development and social sector. From experience I know he has the ability to inspire and motivate the audiences. He has an impactful personality with a focus on giving hope, ideas and support to the future generation. Hammad is an absolute pleasure to work with. I wish him all success in his work and future endeavors.

Muhammad Azam Roomi, PhD

Professor of Entrepreneurship

I was thoroughly impressed by Hammad's professionalism and attention to detail. I found him as a person full of sincerity, commitment, dedication and devotion to his job as well as to the development of our country, Pakistan. These qualities make him an esteemed and talented professional and an exceptional human being.

Unjela Kaleem

Principal, International Development

Hammad's positive attitude and action oriented mind set are his strengths and set him apart as a leader. His latest venture as a Linked In coach and mentor is one of his many innovative ways to keep helping others. Personally, I benefited from his Linked In coaching and will definitely recommend him.

Kashif Zia

Product Manager / Application Engineer

Hammad Siddiqui has been very instrumental in writing Linkedin profile & coaching programs for your progression in North American markets especially his webinars & exclusive coaching programs on various subjects make you through in challenging times & seek recruiters attentions with your hidden talent to find your desired destiny. I strongly recommend Hammad coaching sessions

Harpreet Kaur

MBA Student

I felt more confident about creating meaningful content, and optimising my profile while designing an effective job-search strategy. He instils you with the right skills and tips to stand out and position yourself so that you can have a competitive advantage when you are job searching. His humbleness, honesty and dedication to his craft are inspiring!

Laura Workman

CEO and Founder

Hammad was a pleasure to work with. He is highly skilled and has a passion for helping individuals in the LinkedIn arena.
His expertise, professionalism and support helped me elevate my profile to launch my new coaching business. Hammad’s recommendations were much appreciated and beneficial long-term.
I highly recommend working with Hammad!

Martin J Fisher

Bank Advisor

A mentor is someone that provides their expertise, advice and guidance. They are invested in your success and support you along your journey. Hammad’s expertise and advice were invaluable in my journey but it was his commitment to my success that inspired me and taught me to be a better leader.

Arslan Ashraf

Working Student - Global Marketing Access

Hammad is a diligent, self-motivated linkedin marketing professional. He brings an informed strategic approach to marketing challenges and achieves results through an understanding of clients’ needs and commercial thinking, at the same time building trusting relationships.

Shahid Abdul Razzak

Vice President Finance

I have had the pleasure of learning from him as my coach and mentor to optimize my experience on LinkedIn. He had been meticulous, passionate and above all respectful in all our collaborations. In our engagements, I was particularly impressed by Hammad’s transparent yet pragmatic approach. This skill often takes years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Under his guidance, I started to contribute towards LinkedIn community with more relevant and engaging posts and my profile started getting noticed. He also made me attain this awareness that LinkedIn can be transformered in an active networking platform.

Daniyal Khan

Director of Finance

He is a Linkedin guru, having experience coaching/training senior and mid level executives from all parts of the world. His recent E-book was phenomenal.

"He is not only executive coach but a life coach".

Highly recommend him for Linkedin Career Coaching for Executives, Startups, Mid-Senior Professionals.