An Exclusive LinkedIn Optimization and Coaching Program

Explore the true potential of LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a global community of over one billion professionals.

Most professionals have no strategy nor any execution plan on LinkedIn.

I am solving that problem right now.

My program is designed for senior executives, founders and solopreneurs.

Aim of this program is to help:

  1. Executives who wants to excel in career and find the next job.
  2. Professionals who want to start a side-hustle as solopreneurs.
  3. Find job opportunities in Canada as a newcomer.
  4. Founders who want to build their brands.

I have been coaching and mentoring for over 36 years

How will this happen?

  • I will work with you to improve your personal branding and leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your network and reach.
  • Help you build a blueprint for a second career as a solopreneur to showcase your expertise to potential clients. 
  • I will work with you to reposition your LinkedIn profile according to the job market and your career aspirations and will also train you to become a LinkedIn pro and teach you how to use LinkedIn tools and features to optimize your results.
  • Whether you want to advance in your current role, switch to a new industry, or start your own business, I know you can achieve your career objectives with LinkedIn.

I have worked with countless clients in executives from various industries and countries, including Canada, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Australia, etc, and have helped them improve their LinkedIn profiles, increase their visibility and engagement, and connect with recruiters, employers, and customers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your career with LinkedIn Optimization and Coaching (Live)

Optimization Process:

-   Consultation to reposition branding

-   Research and recommendation for titles, keywords and about summary

-   Improved search settings


Two hours one-2-one coaching that is done post optimization. Coaching is focused at understanding LinkedIn tools to enhance profile visibility and personal branding.

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